How to Remove Mildew From Bathroom Cupboards

The mycologists might argue that mildews are a special type of fungi that appear on the surface of plants and turn them white. To homeowners, mildew is nothing but mold which appears at the sinks and faucets, walls and ceilings, cabinets and wooden appliances and most of all carpet and tapestries. This makes them exceedingly dangerous. It is believed that they can cause respiratory and neurological problems especially if there is an asthma patient at home. It is needless to point out how they can simply take the sheen off a home décor object. These can best make their presence felt on bathroom cupboards as they excel in wet areas. Let’s try and look at ways to remove mildew from bathroom cupboards.

For this purpose we require cleaning solutions, warm water and bleach. We also need latex paints and a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment. We will also require protective glasses and a face mask. Mold removal can additionally require stronger patented solutions if they are resistant to the normal procedure of cleaning, but more or less the mildew removal will work perfectly with the above ingredients. Let us now take a look at the mold elimination steps.

(1) First we need to put on our face mask and goggles.

(2) Next we need to clean the wall surfaces with warm water and bleaching solution. The solution is worked over the bathroom cabinet with a soft brush and then allowed to sit for almost 20 minutes. It’s nicer to use a fan for fanning the settled solutions. This creates a greater impact on mildew.

(3) Next we need to use the brush attachment pertaining to the vacuum cleaner and rotate it in circles to get the right kind of torque for the mildew. The mold already weakened by the solution easily gives in.

(4) We should not overly soak the wood as it can cause immediate warping of the wood.

(5) Next we need to apply latex paint all over the surface of the bathroom cabinet. We must remember to use the mold-proof paints.

Mildew can overwhelm a bathroom if not stopped.

Molds are nothing but spores that are carried off by wind during fertilization. Such spores settle on moisture and convert into molds. Thus we can see how it’s nearly impossible to stop the microscopic allergens from growing around us. However, it is still possible to tackle their infestation through many methods. We just discussed one such method above that is well worth handling this issue.



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How to Align Cupboard Doors

Most of us face the problem of a misaligned cupboard door in the kitchen or that of the vanity cupboard. You may find it difficult to close and open the doors properly. So you may have to make some minor repairs to set the doors right. Before you begin to fix the problem, you have to ensure certain things. This kind of problem is mostly found on wooden cupboard doors, kitchen doors, kitchen cupboards, etc. The problem can be due to various reasons. It can be due to too many years of use or due to the quality of wood or even to the loose hinges used to fix the doors. The greatest advantage is that this is a minor problem, and you can fix it yourself.

Some of the items you may need for fixing the cupboard doors are screwdriver, drill, wooden dowel and torpedo level. First, open the door and evaluate the problems. Sometimes you may find the hinges are in trouble and need to be replaced. Other times, the wood near the hinge can be cracked too. So remove the door with the help of the screwdriver to have a better look at the problem. If you have to replace the hinge you can do it easily. If this is not the problem, look at the holes. They could be striped, and you have to fill them properly.

In order to realign the door by fixing the holes, you have to drill out the holes in larger size. The wooden dowel you have should fit in the hole properly. Apply some glue to the dowel and drive it into the hole. If any part is sticking out you can level it by cutting off the extra part. Sand it well to level it with the surface. After this is done, drill small holes for the screws you need to use. Screw the hinge back on the cupboard and the door to realign it properly.

Misaligned cupboard doors will tend to not close properly...annoying!

After the screws are tightened, check if the door is properly aligned and if you are able to open and close it properly. If you have not got it right, you need to remove the screws once again from the hinges for realigning the door. With the help of your friends, place the door in the right position and then mark holes for the screws. Drill holes again in the newly marked positions. Screw the bottom and top positions of the hinges and check the alignment. If you are able to close and open properly you can complete fixing other hinges too. While working, remember to use all types of protective gear to prevent accidents.



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Converting Black Kitchen Cabinets

Can black kitchen cabinets be repainted a different color?

The answer is that they can. Bases and upper units can be made any color one chooses. However, there are some steps that must be taken to get the desired color. First, the old color should be stripped. Kitchen doors, hinges and drawers should  be remove, so that all paint can be removed from exposed surfaces.

A liquid stripping product is often used to loosen paint and make it easier to remove from surfaces. While it will not take the color off completely, it can then be scraped off. When as much color is stripped off by scraping as possible, surfaces will then require sanding to remove the last traces of color. Rough sandpaper is used for final removal. Steel wool may also be used to remove any remaining color.

To prepare kitchen cabinets for repainting, fine sandpaper can smooth surfaces while creating a means for new paint to stick. When sanding is complete, surfaces can then be wiped off to remove dust and debris from the process and provide clean, smooth surfaces to apply the new color or colors. This process requires plenty of work, though a power sander and stripping tools can make the process easier.

There is an even easier way. If the new paint color is darker than the original color, some sanding is still required first, and then a single coat of primer may be used. Colors like dark green, gray, slate and brown can be applied using this method. However, plenty of sanding is required to prepare the surfaces to take the new color and for it to be applied for a sleek, smooth look.

Black cabinets can add a very elegant and sophisticated look to the kitchen.

Sometimes, a dark paint color may not be removed completely from wood surfaces. In such an instance, there are a couple options. Using a new darker color will help cover the remaining paint. Another solution is to choose new fronts and faces for the storage units to change to a more desirable look. This is a more expensive option than new paint, but still much cheaper than an entirely new set, which can cost thousands.

There are many ways to change cabinets that are painted a very dark color. Choosing which method to use may depend on how easy the old paint comes off and the shade of the new color desired. Consulting with a home improvement specialist or knowledgeable salesperson at a home improvement center can help a homeowner make the right choice.


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