Installing Kitchen Cabinet Doors

Kitchen cabinets are manufactured in many different styles. You can find them made of many different woods. The finishes on cabinets can come in as many varieties as you can imagine. To install kitchen cabinets you have to have knowledge of many tools. It is a process that can be accomplished by yourself, but it is a lot easier with help.

When you install kitchen cabinets you start with the upper units. Draw a level line around the kitchen at the desired height. Start in the corner and install the unit plumb and level. Bring the next cabinet in and pre-drill to hit wall studs and through the face plate to attach to the corner cabinet. Hold tight and flush to corner cabinet and put 2 screws through the face plate into the corner cabinet. Screw cabinet level and plumb to the wall. Do this around the entire room where you have cabinets.

After you have all upper cabinets in place, adjust the kitchen doors so they all set even. There are adjusting screws in the hinges of the kitchen doors to do this. You can also put the hardware on the upper doors now.

Kitchen Door Install

A Kitchen Cabinet being Installed

When you are done with the upper units you can start installing the base units. Start in the corner and level the cabinet in place. Make a level line around the room at the height of the corner cabinet. Measure and make sure the cabinets will all work to line. Install the corner cabinet by screwing it into the studs of the wall. Shim the cabinet level and plumb trying to keep it in a straight line with the upper cabinet. Bring cabinets in the order they will be placed. Drill holes through the face plate so it will be easy to screw to corner cabinet. Set in place and shim to line keeping it level and plumb. Screw face plates together and screw to wall. Repeat this process around the room keeping spots available for appliances.

When you have them all installed you can adjust the bottom kitchen cabinet doors so they are even and level. You are now ready to add the counter top and kick plates. You can also add crown molding if you desire.

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