Kitchen Cupboard Styles

There are many styles to choose from when selecting the right kitchen door. I want to discuss some of the options that are available in style and overlay with which there are to choose from. With that being said lets start the learning!


This style has a flat look to it as it doesn’t have any moldings that accent it’s exterior. It is what its name implies – a “slab” of wood. This is great for a minimalist or contemporary look especially with a darker color cast such as black or dark blue.


The recessed style is popular with contemporary kitchens similar to the slab style. The small raised border around the edges of the door accent the recess and give it depth while still being minimalistic.

The raised style has more of a picture frame look to it that is great for a more traditional kitchen. The border is a series of raised and recessed trim that gives it a matted or ornamental look. This style is typically coupled with a cherry or oak wood type.

Shaker is very similar to the recessed style where it has a small raised border around a recessed area. But this style creates the illusion of two doors with its double recessed looked. This design is good for contemporary or minimalist kitchens.

Cape Cod

The Cape Cod style has a small flat border like the recessed style but the area within the border is made up of small plank-like pieces of wood. This gives the kitchen a very homemade or craftsman feel. This style is great for the rustic and do-it-yourself look.

Arch Kitchen Door Type

Arch Style


Arch is very reminiscent of the Greek architecture style with a rounded border at the top of the cabinet instead of a square border. This classic style is simple but very elegant.

Standard Overlay

This overlay allows you to see around the cabinets and drawers giving it a “framed” look when compared to the cabinet housing and other doors and drawers. They don’t completely cover the cabinet housing so that you are still able to see it in-between the cabinets and drawers. This is a more traditional look than the full overlay.

Full Overlay

The full overlay makes the cabinets and drawers hide the cabinet housing and make a more streamlined look. The overlay covers so much of the underlying housing that it appears that the “box” is made up of nothing but cabinets and drawers without a frame. This look is more minimalistic and contemporary in style than its standard brethren.

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