Selecting the Perfect Kitchen Doors

In today’s economy many homeowners are refurbishing their kitchens and other rooms in their homes. The kitchen can be remodeled by updating the cabinets, painting, adding staining or replacing kitchen cabinets and doors. Embarking on a kitchen remodeling task may seem daunting, but if you follow a few basic tips the remodeling can be a fun experience.

Finding the Perfect Door

The first step in selecting the perfect doors for your kitchen starts with your budget. See how much you have to work with and this will narrow down your options. Secondly, your finances will help you to decide whether you can afford to go with custom made, semi-custom-made or stock kitchen doors. Once this is decided you can determine the style, the type and the finish.

When choosing a door type it is best to take these rules into consideration: solid wood is the most expensive, veneer is a little less expensive, foils are a nice cheap option, vinyl is better, and steel is extremely pricey.

Kitchen doors come in several styles: glass, wood, lacquer, steel, laminate, veneer, high gloss, frame, frameless, aluminum etc. The doors can come with a flat panel, raised panel, or with moldings and valances. Kitchen doors can accommodate a particular style like a European look, a country look, modern, contemporary, classic and traditional.

kitchen cabinet doors

Glass cabinet doors

Finishes and Stains

Kitchen doors can come in so many finishes like burgundy cherry wood, glaze, oak, maple, harvest, natural, frost, dulce, espresso, RTF finishes, handcrafted moldings, fluted fillers.

Refurbish or Replace

When looking to refurbish old doors or replace them with new ones it is less expensive to do it yourself. Things like refacing can be done by anyone. Staining can be done by anyone, but once you get into the more difficult task of replacing doors, let the professional installers handle that. A Kitchen door remodeling project can be wonderful and unique; you can mix up the textures and style to make it your own. You can decide on flush, shaker, paneled, tongue or groove molding. The proper door care can help keep the beauty and lifespan of the doors longer.

Fluted fillers, sculpted or square valances, box stiles and trails, veneers, oak hinges, brass handles, whatever you want to do will be wonderful because it is all your idea. Enjoy the remodeling or refacing project and start with your budget do the research and you will be very happy with your final choice. If you do decide to have professionals install your kitchen doors make sure they are licensed, bonded and experienced

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